About Us

Red House Farm is located in the Monadnock Region of southern New Hampshire. Our family has always been connected to the land and the homestead tradition. We grew up raising sheep and chickens, keeping big gardens, orchards, and greenhouses. From our little roadside stand we sold fresh vegetables, fall pumpkins and squash, honey, and our homemade country jams, jellies, and pickles. It wasn't long before we were at a few area farmers markets and country fairs. 

Master Gardener Award County Fair
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Our recipes and products expanded, but what has never changed is our passion for quality family farm products. Home grown and home made. Today we are focused on our line of specialty mustards and sauces, many of which feature the natural sweetness of 100% pure local maple syrup. We still raise a portion of our own ingredients and set the high standards for all the other local ingredients we use at Red House Farm.

We're proud of artisan small batch products. We don't make a lot of them which is one reason they're so good! The freshness of the ingredients and the care we put into every jar and bottle is what you'll taste immediately. Give us a try. Everyone is a gourmet cook with Red House Farm!

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